CDU [Christian Democratic Party]
The Chairwoman’s
Madam Dr. Jennifer McDowell
By E-mail
February 1, 2005

Most esteemed Madam Dr. McDowell, many thanks for your letter to Madam Dr.
Merkel of December 6, 2004. She has asked me to reply to you. Please
forgive me for taking so long to get back to you.

I would like to give heart-felt thanks to you for your enclosed song text,
“Multiculturalism Died of Despair.” All human beings are called upon, again and
again, to make sure that human rights are paid attention to, supported, and adhered
to all over the world.

For that reason the party Chairwoman will also see to it that, for example,
during the negotiations over the entrance of Turkey into the European Union,
the problem of the observance of human rights will stand at the very top of
the agenda.

Once again heart-felt thanks for your support for human rights.

With friendly greetings.